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The New Blaser Tactical Sniper/Match Rifle : Pure Precision

XXI century sniper rifle NOW!!.

I own many other sniper rifles and am, specially very happy, with my Remington 700s. They are not as many people say " just a minute of angle rifle" the Remington is the BEST affordable sniper platform in the world. If you go to any gunsmith, and ask for a Remington VSSF or Police in .308, top it with a GOOD sniper scope, say a Leupold or Zeiss and install a set of steel, one piece bases and rings from Leupold Ultra or MGW, you will have a VERY capable sniper rifle for less than $1500.

If you are talking precision, you CAN rely on the Rem too. My Remingtons, shoot consistent 10shot groups under .75MOA with my reloaded ammo and 3shot groups in the thrirds of a MOA. And that IS precision. One of them, has even won, the last two spanish Hunterclass benchrest championships in a row !!

BUT this is NOT what we are talking about.... a true sniper needs that king of precision, EVERY time, with commercial Match ammo and in field conditions, and that is out of the reach of most out of the box rifles. You will have to buy a custom made Remington , from any of the very capable sniper rifle makers in the US : McMIllan , Robar, Landtec , Chandler and some others sell those rifles, but for a price over two grand for the rifle alone.

SO... you end up spending a lot of money for a rebuilt and accurized Remington !! you are in step one again !!

WHY donīt you just buy a rifle designed for sniper stuff, from the ground up ? There some very capable .308 rifles around, like Malcolm Cooperīs Accuracy International AW/AWP series, the swiss made SIG, the fine SAKO TRG , the very rare and extremelly expensive (around $6000) Ultima Ratio and finally my preffered one: the Blaser Tactical.

Some of you have heard of the Blaser hunting rifles , these german maker, took their propietary straight line pull bolt design and designed around it, the best sniper rifle they could, " German style without cost restraints" , of course, the final product IS what most snipers have been looking for. Just take a look at the specs and then ask yourself the following questions:

Calibres - Technical Data


1/6 MOA accuracy potential, with field conditions & commercial ammo
NORMA (Diamond line Match Moly 168gr HPBT)

Typical series of shots

Nice consistency and precision

Operator detachable barrel with NO zero shift,
NO headspace problem.
Take down tactical option, with just an Allen wrench !!

Shooter quick replaceable
muzzle brake & suppressor attachment
(Magnaported barrels optional )

Fully adjustable Match stock
with elevation spike

detachable 10rds magazines
with floating straight line loading ,
NO more double feeds or damaged bullet tips

skeletonized, weather and crash proof
aluminum chassis/stock
If you loose or break the plastic
attachments the rifle is still operational

5min sniper/match convertible
with barrel extension, front tunnel
rear Hammerli diopter
and UIT adj. buttplate

Non-rotating, straight -to-back bolt,
the quickest bolt action in the World
2nd shot as quick as a semi-auto
but much more precise !!

Left action bolt a simple option

Front full lenght match rail
with Parker-Hale bipod & handstop
various threaded holes for QD swivels

Quick detachable lever actuated
scope mount with precision return to zero
Directly mounted on the barrel allows to
takedown rifle with NO zero shift
and the removal and/or change of barrel
with NO POI shift !!

Target contour heavily flutted barrel, CRYO relieved,
600mm long and 1:11 twist
match chamber specifically cut for >br> Sierra 168 HPBT bullet

Precision ZEISS 2,5-10x48 scope with ranging capability at all powers
ultra high light transmission, windage and elevation BDC
Five drums cover all trayectories YOU select the one that suits you best !!



weight is a little on the heavy side, but similar to an AW or heavy Rem700, but in this model it could be greatly improved by using magnesium instead of aluminum, and at the current prices it would not increase a big percentage the price.


price is always a problem but I always think that ALL custom rifles are TOO expensive. It is not a big deal for agencies and Armies that buy whole weapon systems, but it IS an unsolvable one for small police agencies and individuals.

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