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Pure Precision
UIT-Version, Single shot (300M Standard Rifle)
CISM-Version with 10 shot magazine
R93 Tactical TACTICAL - Sniper Rifle with 10 shot magazine,
optional bi-pod, rear rest, muzzle break, scope with Blaser saddle mount, mirage band and carrying sling.
Blaser R 93 straight pull bolt action.
Very fast bolt cycle in the shooting position, self centering 360° direct barrel locking system.

  • Vibration absorbing aluminum ambidextrous stock with non-skid systhetic finish, dovetail rail in foreend, horizontally and vertically adjustable cheek piece and butt plate. Butt plate can be angled up to 15° right and left of center.
  • New Blaser two stage match trigger.
    Fully adjustable for first and second stage weight, take up and overtravel. Wide trigger blade with horizontal adjustment.
  • Barrel made of Chrome-Molybdeum-Steel, thermally destressed.
    Vibration optimized profile, fluted for optimum warm up characteristics, barrel length 600MM (762MM with barrel extension).
    Easy barrel exchange in most popular calibres. Different twists available to order.
  • UIT and CISM-Versions come complete with Hämmerli peep sights (other sights on request), the hooded fore sight is moveable on barrel extension. Sights are offset to left (or right for left handed shooters).
  • Mirage band supplied for shielding heat haze.
  • Compatible with all standard accessories.
  • Complete with additional scope mount.
  • Available colours:

      Standard colour for UIT/CISM
    "Aluminum White", RAL 9006
      Special Colour "Blue"
    RAL 5022
      Standard colour for TACTICAL
    "Black", RAL 9004
      Special Colour "Green"
    RAL 6018
      Special Colour "Red"
    RAL 3020
      Special Colour "Yellow"
    RAL 1021
      Special Colour "Purple"
    RAL 3004
      Special Colour "Violet"
    RAL 4005
    The screen colours give only an approximate description of the actual colours. The colours can only be viewed with Netscape Navigator 3.x or comparable browser. There is a small surcharge on the "Special Colours" see PRICE LIST (may not be available) ).

    Available Calibres:


      .222 Rem. [14"]
      .223 Rem. [9"]
      6 mm PPC-USA [12"]
      6 mm Norma BR [8"]
      .243 Win. [10"]
      6.5x55 [220MM]
      7.5x55 (GP 11) [270MM]
      .308 Win. [12" o. 11"]


      6 mm Norma BR [8"]
      .243 Win. [10"]
      7.5x55 (GP 11) [270MM]
      .308 Win. [12" o. 11"]

    In brackets: [Length of Twist] - 1" = 25.4MM

    Technical Data:

    Model R 93 Straight pull Bolt Action Rifle
    Versions UIT - Single Shot (300M Standard Rifle)
    CISM - 10-Shot Magazine
    TACTICAL - Sniper/Modular Rifle
    Locking System R 93 straight pull action with self centering 360° locking system. Bolt with extractor claw and sprung ejector pin.
    Action is friction free sliding on guide rails in the aluminum stock
    Trigger New Blaser Match Trigger.
    Adjusting for first and second stage weight, take up and overtravel. Trigger blade can be moved horizontally within 15MM (0.6")
    Standard factory settings: first stage 1000g (2.2 lbs), second stage1500g (3.3 lbs).
    Barrel Chrome-Molybdeum-Nickel-Steel, thermally destressed, fluted, coated with special corrosion resistant surface.
    Barrel Length With barrel extension 762MM (30"), 600MM (23.6") without (measured from recoil plate)
    Barrel Housing CNC-milled housing, 8 contact points
    Hardened steel bar transmits recoil forces from the barrel to the aluminum stock
    Two 7MM screws.
    Scope Mount Prepared for the Blaser Saddle Mount.
    (UIT and CISM)
    Supplied as standard with:
    Hämmerli peep sight, adjustable lengthwise within 90MM (approx. 3.5").
    Feinwerkbau hooded fore sight
    Sights are 17MM (0.7") off set
    Length of Sight Base 660-870MM (26"-34.2")
    Stock New aluminium stock, skeleton architecture.
    Butt-stock and forend finished in a black systhetic coating for maximum grip.
    Butt Plate Hämmerli butt plate, vertically adjustable within 3CM (1.2")
    Axis adjustable within15°
    Slewable to 7.5° or 15°
    Cheek Piece Black synthetic with slightly rough surface
    Infinitely variable height and rotation (with scale)
    Paint Finish Strong and durable powder-coating
    Weight UIT approx. 5.3kg (11.6 lbs), CISM approx. 5.4kg (12 lbs)

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